ever since T-Bob, the cowardly robot that can converts to a monocycle, from the 80s cartoon series M.A.S.K., the dream of a powered, single wheel motorcycle has always been part of our dreams. if you share the same dream as us, then there’s good news for you cos’ a powered monocycle is a dream no more; it is a reality and it is called RYNO Microcycle. the design shares some of the characteristics with a traditional motorcycle, but that similarity is limited to the upper portion of the bike where a motocross bike-like body sits atop of a large 25-inch wheel. yes. we said ‘a’, because it is a monocycle and therefore it has just one wheel.

the working principle behind the RYNO Microcycle is pretty much the same as the Segway; the built-in accelerometers and gyroscope sensors enables motion by simply leaning forward to get it up to speed and leaning back for braking. however, a hand-actuated brake is also in place if you prefer to slow things down the traditional way. similarly, turning only requires the rider to subtly lean to the side of the desired direction of turn. powering the microcycle are two electric motors, juiced by two user-replaceable battery packs – all contained within the wheel itself, resulting in a package that takes up less space than an average bicycle, while offering up to 10 miles of range per charge and a top speed of 10 mph.

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other key highlights include custom-designed robot-welded steel frame for rigidity, backlit digital display, billet machined aluminum LED headlights, adjustable seat to accommodate riders of different heights, built-in coil shock absorber for a smoother ride, fold-out foot pedals, parking brake for ensuring your bike doesn’t roll off while at rest, and a total rider plus cargo capacity of 260 lbs. speaking of cargo, an optional industry-standard pannier rack is available for equipping your preferred bicycle pannier for any cargo that you may wish to bring along. there is even a 12V DC power plug, like those that you will find in a car, at your disposal, just in case you need to keep some of your portable electronic gear juiced.

after a long seven years in the making, the RYNO Microcycle is finally available for pre-order, in the U.S. (for now) and in limited quantity, for $5,295 with delivery expected to be in Q2 2014.

Source: RYNO Motors
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