Hypercar is naturally associated with luxury. But a hypercar that has a 2+2 configuration is not. The Naran from new manufacturer of luxury ultra-high performance cars, Naran Automotive, is just that. It is the startup’s first model that is entering the market with big numbers.

The Naran GT3-inspired 2+2 Hyper-coupe

The Naran GT3-inspired 2+2 Hyper-coupe is a hand-crafted hypercar with motorsport-inspired aeros producing 1,377 kilograms of downforce and touts race derived suspension, brakes, steering and damping.

Powered by a bespoke twin-turbocharged 5.0L V8 engine, The Naran packs a mind-bending 1,048 bhp and metal-twisting 1,036 Nm (764 lb-ft) of torque which enables it to wipe 0-60 (0-97 km/h) in under 2.3 seconds and makes 0-100 (161 km/h) in 4.56 seconds, and sending it on its way to a top speed of 230 mph (370 km/h).

The Naran GT3-inspired 2+2 Hyper-coupe

The Naran has everything a supercar lover dreamed of. It will be produced in limited quantity (49, to be precise), it is ultra-luxe, it is front-mid engine, and it is all-wheel-drive.

As expected of a hyper-luxe and likely hyper-expensive hypercar, it will be tailored to buyer’s taste, right down to the bespoke model name. Price is, however, not disclosed yet.

The Naran GT3-inspired 2+2 Hyper-coupe is expected to debut in early 2021. Meanwhile, you may learn more about this upcoming hyper-luxe hypercar over at the company’s website, naran-automotive.com.

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Images: Naran Automotive.

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