Office NERF war will never be the same again after the YouTube personality/tinkerer Ivan Miranda’s custom built “world’s largest” NERF Gatling gun. And now, it will be even more intense with his latest creation, the Giant NERF Bazooka.

Giant NERF Bazooka by Ivan Miranda

Miranda uses a 160 mm (6.3 inches) diameter PVC pipe, along with 3D printed parts, rubber tubes and a plunger to create this very surreal giant size NERF bazooka.

The bazooka itself isn’t quite as surreal. It was the giant NERF dart that caught our attention. It is made from gym foam rolls and polishing foam discs – both which happens to have close color resemblance to the regular size counterpart, which is kinda cool.

Giant NERF Bazooka by Ivan Miranda

The giant NERF bazooka totally works, albeit not as powerful as you expect of the size. It’s about the same a small NERF single shot shooter. But hey, you can’t bend the law of physics, can you? Well, not unless chemical reaction (read: gunpowder) is involved. But where’s the fun in that, right?

Continue reading to find the video of the entire build and also watch the gigantic NERF weapon in action.

Images: YouTube (Ivan Miranda).

Hat tip: boing boing.

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