PS5 Simulator Video Game by Alex Grade

Sony’s much-anticipated next-gen video game console was sold out as soon as it was made available. That shortage of stock have left many fans empty handled. If you are one of the unlucky dude or just can’t afford one, indie game developer Alex Grade has you covered.

Frustration of setting up is included.

Grade told Polygon that he can’t afford a unit any time soon and so, he did what any logical developer would do: he created a PS5 simulator. PS5 Simulator lets you experience the joy of receiving and setting up the PlayStation 5… in the digital world.

The video game is complete with details like picking up the package at the door, unboxing the package, and setting up of the console. Real-life experiences like poor cable management, dealing with packaging materials, snacks on the floor, et cetera are faithfully recreated too.

It will be so real that it should be a treat enough to get you over until Sony restock the consoles in 2021.

Grade describe the game as having “top-notch realistic graphic without RTX” and boasts “physics almost everywhere – Newton not happy about it” (LoL!). Part of the game’s features include “start playing your PS5 early” which also comes with the requisite “worst cable management.”

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Well, it sure sounds like a lot of fun! Humorously, part of the system requirements is “do not have a PS5.” LoL! And yes, it is a real game and it is available for free over at

Images: Alex Grade.

Source: Polygon.