Face mask of any kind other medical-grade may not offer 100 percent protection from the coronavirus, but a barrier is better than not having any. However, there is a group that will suffer from inconvenience of face mask and this group is the deaf and hard of hearing. The hearing impaired often relies on lip reading and facial expressions and a regular face mask would impede communication.

Reusable Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Enters Ashley Lawrence. A college student studying education for the deaf and hard of hearing has designed a reusable face mask with a clear window to allow lip movements and expressions to be seen. Now, surgical masks with clear window already exist, but like regular masks, they are in short supply.

This is where Ashley’s creation comes in. She modified existing reusable masks to allow a clear window to be fitted and thus solving the problem of lip reading and communication through facial expressions when wearing a face mask.

Ashley is distributing the masks free to those who needs. She has setup a GoFundMe campaign to help to offset the costs of the materials, shipping and whatnot. If you think you have the means to help, do consider chipping in.

Reusable Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Images: GoFundMe (Ashley Lawrence)/Lex18.

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Source: designboom.

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