Llama Firearms PRESSIN Self-defense Pistol

This is the PRESSIN, a so-called self-defense firearm developed and made by now-defunct Spanish company Llama Firearms. PRESSIN took the concept of conceal and carry to a whole new meaning. OK. It is more like a covert carry than conceal and carry. And you are damn right that candy bar object IS a pistol.

Llama Firearms PRESSIN Self-defense Pistol

It was developed in 1978 and it was produced up until 1995. It was a two-short derringer originally designed for use by politicians, military officers and any other important person whom face the prospect of being kidnapped by separatist group ETA.

What really amazes me is, it was designed to shoot right from within its sunglasses-like case. To shoot, all you have to do is to squeeze the device at the appropriate place. Even more interestingly is, it even a faux button on the case to let you disengage the safety.

It uses two special 7.65 mm E cartridge, which was basically a rimless .32 ACP with the case cut down to 15 mm like so:

Llama Firearms PRESSIN Self-defense Pistol

PRESSIN was designed primary as a self-defense weapon and hence, it can be loaded with two rounds, ready for use. As shown by Ian McCallum of YouTube channel Forgotten Firearms, Llama Firearms PRESSIN can fire each of two shots available individually. You learn more about this fascinating small arms in the video below.

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Images and source: ForgettenWeapons.com/YouTube (Forgotten Weapons).