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Epha3 Farm Papero Galaxy ExpressEpha3 Farm Papero | from £17.80 | epha3.co.uk

when we think about model kits, we think plastic-made kits that requires endless hours of building with crafting knifes, sandpapers, bottle of paints, glues and among the many other things. quite frankly, a long list of ancillary things to buy and a time consuming process are not everyone’s cup of tea. the Epha3 Farm Papero you see here will change your perspective about model kit building. unlike the traditional kits, the Papero is crafted entirely out of eco-friendly paper and soy-based inks. with the exception for certain kits, all you have to do is to color them and put them together by hand – all without the need for glue or hobby knife. still, you will get some pretty impressive display pieces. just remember to keep them in a dust free environment, cos’ we can’t imagine how you would clean those dust off papers. these paper model kits are created by South Korea’s top exhibition designers and since each kit is designed by different artists, you will find a range of designs and difficulty levels. you might be thinking that since it is made from paper, they must be pretty ugly but on the contrary, the pieces, when assembled together, will surprise you. the Papero is not lacking of designs too: you can choose from a range of land-based transports, construction vehicles, as well as aircrafts. the good news is, these are not concepts and they can be yours for £17.80 and up per kit (around US$28).

Epha3 Farm via DVICE

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