If you are excited about the upcoming Shin Ultraman, you will want to know there is something big coming onto the market; a 16-inch (400 mm) tall action figure based on the new Ultraman.

Bandai Dynaction Shin Ultraman Figure

This 16-inch figure is part of Bandai Tamashii Nations’ Dynaction line which promised incredible details and very importantly, composite material joint hidden inside to achieves incredible level of posability.

If you are interested to find out if Dynaction lived up to its claim, be sure to read our review on Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure.

Back to the Bandai Dynaction Shin Ultraman Figure… it is made of ABS, POM, PVC and contains some die-cast material.

Bandai Dynaction Shin Ultraman Figure

Fans of accessories may be disappointed here as this towering Shin Ultraman is limited in this department. It will come with just 3 sets of interchangeable hands, a miniature, non-posable figure to emphasize the scale of Shin Ultraman, and a fairly mundane display stand.

In lieu of lack of accessories, it does have light up feature in its eyes, powered by a pair of LR44 batteries.

The Bandai Tamashii Nations’ Dynaction Shin Ultraman is expected to arrive sometime in September 2021. Pre-order is happening in Japan, with the figure going for 22,000 yen (tax included, works out to be around (US$202).

Bandai Dynaction Shin Ultraman Figure

The product is subject to “stock cut” which means, pre-order in the U.S. is likely sold out at this point. If you really want one, you may have to find a way to order from the Japanese stores like Amazon Japan, Ami Ami and the likes.

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Fun facts:

With Shin Ultraman, there are a few design changes. First, the black dot that appear on each eye are gone. The “black dots” in the original Ultraman were actually holes for the actor to see through the suit.

Also gone is the color timer. As we all know, the original Ultraman was played by actor dressed in a rubber suit, as such it can be too hot for the actor. Thus, the production team came up with the idea of color timer to limit the giant superhero’s appearance.

Bandai Dynaction Shin Ultraman Figure

Another subtle design change is the rear “fin”. In the original, the fin extends all the way to the lower back. However, in the new Ultraman, the fin is limited to the head region. Pretty sleek, IMHO.

We have ordered a copy; lets just hope we get lucky and actually get it. If we do get it, we will be sure to review it here on Shouts.

Bandai Dynaction Shin Ultraman Figure

Images: Bandai Tamashii Nations.

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