Healthcare Workers Have Smiling Photos On PPE

In fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have to dress up in full personal protection equipment (PPE). No biggies. It is a necessary, but as one respiratory therapist, Robertino, reckon, it must be rather intimidating to the patients. So, he took it upon himself to make them feel better.

Healthcare Workers Have Smiling Photos On PPE
Respiratory therapist Robertino (@captain_wolf82)

How? By printing a color photo of himself, smiling, of course, have it laminated and stick to his PPE. In this way, it serve to remind patients that under the somewhat intimidating suit is a friendly human who is here to help.

What this Scripps Mercy Hospital healthcare worker did inspired other healthcare professionals to do the same. Before we go, let us say a big thank you to healthcare workers around the world for doing what they are doing. It is possibly the bravest and most selfless thing any human can do in a time like this.

Featured image: reddit (u/sova198).

Additional images: Instagram (@captain_wolf82, @derekdevault).

Source: Bored Panda.