Industrial designer Kendall Toerner is not a Tesla designer and the Tesla Model B concept electric bicycle dreamed up by him is not an official product, but the concept bicycle does oozed the Tesla vibe.

Tesla Concept Electric Bicycle by Kendall Toerner

The Tesla Model B concept electric bicycle is as futuristic as it is sleek, and I can’t stop ogling at it. Toerner describe the Tesla Model B as “a bridge between bicycles and road vehicles” in which it combines the convenience of a bike with the safety and range of an automobile.

The reason I dig this concept is not just because of the aesthetic. With this concept, Toerner really let his tech imagination run wild. For starter, the Tesla Model B concept electric bicycle has no traditional suspension. They are integrated into each road wheel’s spokes. How well it will work, I don’t care. It looks super neat.

Tesla Concept Electric Bicycle by Kendall Toerner

And then there is the non-steerable handlebar. The handlebar does not turn physically; it detects the rider’s input to turn and sends a signal to the front wheel that turns independently which is super cool.

The handlebar is foldable, as are the footrests, allowing them to fold into the body of the bicycle to create a seamless appearance when not in use. The bike has an integrated color display that melts seamlessly into a separate top frame that extends rearward where a saddle can be found.

Tesla Concept Electric Bicycle by Kendall Toerner

Like Tesla’s automobiles, safety is key and thus, the bike is outfitted with radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors on all sides to form a 360-degree coverage to detect any potential threats like potholes, bumps, vehicles and other objects.

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Finally, Toerner’s Tesla Model B concept is equipped with two independent motors to a dual-drive system to power through almost any situation. While the Tesla Concept Electric Bicycle by Kendall Toerner is not an officially commissioned concept, it does not stop us from drooling over it.

You can find more of Toerner’s works over at his Instagram page, on Behance as well as you his website,

Images: Kendall Toerner.

Source: Yanko Design.

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