After months of wearing face mask when out in the public, you may have noticed something: because we can’t see the other person’s mouth, we cannot be sure who is talking when in a group. Well, not unless someone or you is wearing a transparent face mask.

Fiefdom Design “Talking” Bird Mask on Etsy
Top and above: “Talking” Bird Mask by Fiefdom Design.

Enters the Talking Bird Mask. Fashioned like a bird’s beak, this face mask functional in both ways: it covers the wearer’s mouth to minimize transmission of viruses and at the same time, the “beak” of the bird mask moves whenever the wearer’s move his or her jaw, so you’d know that person is speaking.

However, due to the differences in everyone facial structure, the result may differs from person to person. I suppose it meant to say that the movement of the beak? Personally, I think the Bird Mask looks like a modern take of the plague doctor’s mask. If only the plague doctor’s mask has moving beak, they wouldn’t have look so ominous…

“Talking” Bird Mask

Anyhoo, like we have always said, if mask is a new normal, why not make it wearing one fun. And fun, albeit in a somewhat bizarre way, is this “talking” bird mask. Still fun, though!

We do not know the origin of the “talking” bird mask. According to boing boing, Fiefdom Design on Etsy appears to be the originator. However, it appears to be sold out on Etsy. We read that it will be restock “next week”. Though it is not clear when exactly.

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However, if you can’t wait. You may be interested to know that there are a few sellers on Etsy and Amazon selling similar type of mask.

“Talking” Bird Mask

Images: Amazon (MEKTY)/Etsy (Fiefdom Design).

Source: boing boing.

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  1. We purchased these for our granddaughter (11/yo) Is there some fitting/use advice as we can’t get it to work as advertised.

    1. Hi Thomas, assuming that you ordered the “small” size from, I would recommend that you contact the manufacturer respectively the creator. I will not deny that there is a certain humorous aspect to it, yet there may at the same time also be an internet sensationalism kind of aspect, where the focus may be on sales and where customer care may take a backseat. I would, although not as a medical recommendation, also strongly advise against using such a party item as personal protection equipment.

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