Do you miss seeing the full face of people who have come into contact with you? Well, if everyone were to wear the TrueContour TC1 Transparent Custom Fit Mask, you will get to see facial expressions and forever put an end to guessing whether or not the person is smiling or not. Or whether or not the dude or dudette has a pretty face.

TrueContour TC1 Transparent Custom Fit Mask

There are no lack of face masks in the market at this point. But with the TrueContour TC1, it has two major selling points. First, it is transparent, thus allowing your lower face to be seen and secondly, it is custom fit. The caveat? You will need an iOS device to scan your face for the company to create a mask that perfectly fits your face.

It promised a perfect fit with no fogging of the glasses, plus the custom shape is said to apply even pressure along the edge that touches your skin. Each mask is outfitted with two replaceable filters with a claimed Particle Filtration Efficiency of over 99.5 percent and good against airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron.

TrueContour TC1 Transparent Custom Fit Mask

TC1 has a design that sits off your face which means, you won’t be tasting the mask when talking. Perhaps, most importantly is, it being transparent, makes you more sociable and it is apparently FaceID compatible.

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TrueContour TC1 Transparent Custom Fit Mask is designed and made in Brooklyn, New York, which is perhaps why it has a pretty steep sticker.

TrueContour TC1 Transparent Custom Fit Mask

TrueContour TC1 Transparent Custom Fit Mask is currently being funded on Kickstarter which you can secure one for US$76 or more. The campaign is barely halfway to its funding goal, but really, it is not hard to see why. Price is one thing, but the fact that you need a compatible iOS device to scan the face for the custom fit could turn some people away.

Images: TrueContour.

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