Ivan Miranda World’s Largest NERF Gatling Gun

For the record, the post title does not mean Ivan Miranda scaled up a NERF gun like Mark Rober and a few others did. He actually custom a NERF-style Gatling gun from the ground and it is MASSIVE.

Not only it is enormous, but it shoots at an impressive 10 balls per second and at over 100 kilometers an hour (62 mph).

Ivan Miranda World’s Largest NERF Gatling Gun

Granted, it does not look or even behave like a Gatling gun or a minigun, but hell, the built was beautiful and most importantly, it works as intended.

Ivan’s creation is powered by an EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) and boasts crazy number custom printed parts, and quite a number of electronics.

All told, Ivan’s Tickle Master 5000, as he calls it, stretches a lengthy 1,220 mm (4 feet) long and tips the scales at a pretty hefty 12 kilograms (about 26.5 lbs) when fully loaded with 74 balls and 2 battery packs.

Images: YouTube (Ivan Miranda).