Volkswagen EV Mobile Charging Robots

While Tesla Motors and Fisker aims to have more charging stations, Volkswagen envisioned a future where charging station comes to your electric vehicle. You heard that right. We are talking about mobile charging robots here.

From opening the charging socket flap to connecting the plug to decoupling after charging – the entire process happens without any human interaction.

Volkswagen EV Mobile Charging Robots

What is going to happen is, you put in the request for your electric vehicle to be charged via an app. A mobile robot in the underground parking garage gets notified and proceeds to your EV with a mobile energy device in tow.

After plugging in the charging socket, the robot then takes its leave to tend to other cars while the mobile energy storage continues to pump electrons into the EV.

Volkswagen EV Mobile Charging Robots

When the charging is done, the robot heads back to the fully juiced car, retrieve the energy storage device and sends the energy pack back to its charging dock to be topped and ready for the next vehicle.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is since it is only a vision dreamed up by Volkswagen Group Components.

Anywho, nothing says best than a video showing how it is done.

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All images courtesy of Volkswagen A.G..