Stanford Pupper Quadruped Robot

Don’t need to be envious of Adam Savage because, he has robotic dog Spot to ‘play’ with. While we don’t know how much exactly it costs, we read that it costs “less than a car,” which translates to “very expensive.”

In any case, there is only a lease option being offered. But do not sulk, my fellow geeks, for there is exists an inexpensive and open-sourced option, and it is called Stanford Pupper Quadruped Robot.

Stanford Pupper Quadruped Robot

There’s a caveat, though: you will need build and code it yourself.

Stanford Pupper Quadruped Robot is designed young ones into robotics and it is completely open-source. It will costs around $600-$900 and it will require anything from 4 to 10 hours of build time, and very obviously, it requires knack in tinkering with electronics and building stuff.

Stanford Student Robotics said the level of difficulty is “about on par to building a small quadcopter drone.” You can learn more, including links to the code repository, instructions, bill of materials, and more HERE.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of a built example in action:

Images: Stanford Student Robotics/YouTube (Nathan).

Hat tip: Gigazine [JP].