get your head over the Luminox, for if luxury and real-deal watch craftsmanship are what you are after when you are out in the field, be it in a deep sea exploration or executing covert ops up in some godforsaken mountains, the Breitling Super Avenger Military Watch should be the timepiece of choice. befitting its military branding (and probably the Super Avenger namesake as well) is a 48mm black coated steel case (professionally referred to as the “ultra-resistant carbon-based coating” by the folks in Breitling), along with matching black dial featuring luminous stenciled numerals (marked in a not so often seen 24-hour time display, in the good’ol military tradition), volcano black dial and a set of black fabric military strap for the complete military look. on the functional aspect, this military watch features Breitling 13 self-winding mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve, calendar, unidirectional ratcheted bezel, water resistant to 1,000 feet (300 meters), and screw-in guards with knurling for non-slip operation.

it obvious why i was drawn to this timepiece, not because it is a Breitling, but because this watch has a pretty large case which had my attention right away and the military outlook pretty much seals the deal, well, that’s if i can afford the price, which is unknown to us at this point – at least not officially. given a regular Super Avenger II is going for around 5k plus, the price of this limited edition timepiece isn’t going to stray too far off, if not more dearer. and oh, for that extra touch of exclusivity, the Breitling Super Avenger Military Watch has a limited run of just 500 pieces. so if you are ready to soldier up with one of these, hit up your local Breitling boutiques to find out more. another look at this awesome timepiece after the break (click on the image for larger view).

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Breitling Super Avenger Military Watch

Breitling via Perpetuelle

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