How Can You Look After Your Mental Wellbeing In 2021

With the current crisis moving into its second year, there is a pressing need to find ways to help yourself relax, entertain and focus your mind. Social interaction is all but non-existent, and the focus is more on staying healthy and safe. Many people are feeling lonely, cut off, and depressed with no enthusiasm to do anything. For so many people, life feels like it has come to a complete standstill.

There is a need to get motivated, to throw open the curtains, and let in the light – in short; it is time to put your energies into something new and different.

#1 Is It Time To Find Out If You Have Green Fingers?

You only have to look out of your window to see one perfect hobby just waiting for you – your garden. Even if it is only a few containers on the balcony, it is something to sink your teeth into. If you have a yard the size of a playing field, you will have even more than a hobby looking back at you, but you can always divide it up to create different areas, which could be fun and make the space more manageable.

#2 Could You Explore Your Local Area On Foot?

The great outdoors. Walking and hiking in your immediate vicinity is a brilliant pastime, and it will be good for both your physical and mental health. Taking an interest in your surroundings, the wildlife, the plant life, and fellow humans can add to the enjoyment. This is, of course, best done in the sunshine, but when it is pouring with rain, you will need something else to do that does not involve spending hours sat in front of Netflix.

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#3 Have You Tried Gaming?

Whether it is online or console-based, you could spend time gaming in the warmth and safety of your own home. Some game consoles even offer a way of getting up and doing some exercise while playing (Nintendo Wii fit).

All you need is either a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone (everyone generally has one of these nowadays) and an internet connection. There are a few different types of games available like matching three-of-a-kind or simulation (building a city, owning your own farm or island) that you can find in the Google Play store.

If you have the urge for a little more excitement, then playing online slots could be for you, and there is a massive range in the best online casino Canada and similar sites.

Online games can be bought or played for free (although generally there is an option to make in-play purchases to progress play) or purchase the game and have in play purchase options.

For console games, you will need a bit more. The console for a start, though there are many to choose from, including vintage ones (but be aware the vintage games may be expensive as some are very rare) to modern up-to-date ones. Some modern ones require an internet connection to update, but the slightly older ones do not. They will need a TV to use as a monitor, and games to have something to play.

There are many different types of games available across all genres and for all ages, some multi-player ones too, so other household members can join in.

Featured image: Pexels (Nathan Cowley).