Remember how everyday house objects inspired artist Eric Geusz to create some amazing illustration of spaceships? Well, one man (YouTuber SteamGeezer and Son) was in turn inspired by Eric Geusz and decided to do the same, picking out one of Geusz’s work as the based and built an actual model of it.

Man Turned Shampoo Bottle Into A Cool Spaceship

The model SteamGeezer and Son picked was a shampoo bottle spaceship (aka Shampooship). The result was, as you can see, absolutely dope. I guess you can say this was kit bashing at its best.

The best part, IMHO, about this kit bashing project is, this man has no plans. He just do his things as he went along without knowing whether or not they will work or not. Ahhh, the beauty of randomness, is it not?

Keep reading for the video of this awesome Shampooship build.

Images: YouTube (SteamGeezer and Son).

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