LEGO Recreated The First Moon Landing With LEGO Creator Expert [Video]

In addition to rolling out the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander and also creating an incredibly detailed LEGO Life-size Apollo 11 Astronaut, LEGO has made a tribute video recreating the historic moment of the first lunar landing. The video stars, obviously, the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander […]

LEGO Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Made To Fly. Seriously, Need We Say More?

Adam Woodworth, AKA ajw61185, the man behind amazing creations like NERF ball-blasting RC A-10 Warthog, giant flying LEGO plane and helicopter, and more recently, a fully functional LEGO submarine, is at it again. This time he made the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander flies and playing out the landing sequence. Believe […]

LEGO Moon Landing Conspiracy Set Is Not Real, But Looks Cool Regardless

I am sure you are aware of the conspiracy theory of how NASA did not actually landed on the Moon in 1969. It was believed by some conspiracy theorists that it was a studio job. Anyways, that outlandish theory was debunked by several people, including Mythbusters. Well, that is if you believe Adam and the […]

LEGO Marks 50th Anniversary Of Moon Landing With Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Attention space nuts! You don’t want to miss this awesome set revealed by LEGO: the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. It is happening and looks damn fabulous! Make no mistake, my friends. This ain’t no the reissue of the 2003 set which had just 467 pieces. The LEGO Creator Expert 10266 […]

Rejected LEGO Ideas Projects Get A Second Chance Through Fan Vote

Wanting your favorite LEGO Ideas project to become an official LEGO Ideas set is akin to buying lottery. You gotta chip your one precious support (or vote), share the project in hope others will do the same, and ultimately, keeping your fingers crossed that LEGO will green lit the project. As a result, there are […]

This Is It, Virgin Galactic VSS Unity Has Made Its First Space Flight

The biggest story today belongs to Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, a company dedicated to bring space travel to everyday people (who have the money to drop). In between the unveiling of the Spaceship Two VSS Unity a couple of years ago, they have several incremental test flights, but today, at Mojave, CA, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip […]

These Amazing Illustration Of Spaceships Are Actually Inspired By Everyday Household Objects

It takes a true artist to imagine something out of nothing. Eric Geusz is one such artist. A software engineer by day and a freelance artist by night (or, I am guess, whenever he have time), Eric has created some of the most impressive sci-fi spaceships with nothing more than inspiration from everyday, household objects […]

Concept TIE-X Fighter Makes TIE Fighter Looks Truly Very Alien-ish

While many car designers work on outrageous car designs they couldn’t present to the board in the real-world, one Canadian automotive designer, Jason Battersby, who makes a living designing automobile for Audi, choose to take on the sci-fi route during his free time. Instead of turning out concepts that stays on the ground, Jason has […]

We Bet You Didn’t Expect Lexus To Designed A Spacecraft But It Did

Honda may have jet aircrafts now, but competing automaker Lexus just up the ante by dishing out a spacecraft. Ok, we exaggerated. It is not quite a real spacecraft per se, but a fictional one that will appear in Luc Besson upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. In fact, this […]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Sends Package To ISS, Returns To Land On A Droneship

You know how sci-fi movies depicts fellow humans going to space and landing back on Earth in rockets and not splashing into the sea in capsule? Well, it looks like mankind is indeed making that progression. SpaceX is one of the private space transport services company that not only successful land the a rocket back […]