LEGO Ideas 10-Year Anniversary Fan Vote

Wanting your favorite LEGO Ideas project to become an official LEGO Ideas set is akin to buying lottery. You gotta chip your one precious support (or vote), share the project in hope others will do the same, and ultimately, keeping your fingers crossed that LEGO will green lit the project. As a result, there are many LEGO Ideas submission slipping through the net, but the good news is, not all hope is lost. Or at least “hope” is for the four shortlisted projects.

The four shortlisted projects are International Space Station, Stitch (from the animated flick, Lilo and Stitch), Sega Arcade Machines, and “Small Yellow,” scaled down version of Nathan Sawaya’s famous “Yellow” sculpture that has graced countless museums and galleries, featuring a LEGO bust ripping itself apart and yellow brick guts spilling out. Trust me, small yellow or big yellow, it is not all that grisly. In fact, I would have it right my home if I could.

LEGO Ideas 10-Year Anniversary Fan Vote

Now, here’s the deal. Only one out of the four will made it. Fans are given a chance to vote for one project that will be made into an official LEGO Ideas set. The LEGO Ideas project that gets the most votes by the end of the voting period will go into production. The fan vote is part of the celebration of LEGO Ideas’ 10-year anniversary (which was actually late last year).

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Voting is happening right now and ends on June 4, 2019 (3PM CET). Interestingly, the votes will be hidden which means, you will not be able to see how each project has fair thus far. I guess, it is to prevent popularity from swaying the influence. Maybe? Anyways, if you are enamored by any of the aforementioned project, then you may want to consider casting your sacred vote to give it a push.

Images: LEGO Ideas.