LEGO Master Builders Created Life-size LEGO Central Perk, Bagged Guinness World Record

Here’s yet another life-size LEGO replica, but unlike all other life-size LEGO replicas we have seen thus far, this should be the biggest ever and honestly, it will be a record that is hard to beat. The life-size LEGO replica in question is a recreation of the coffee shop in the hit 90s sitcom Friends.

First Wearable LEGO Dress Is Star Wars-Themed, Weighs A Hefty 25 lbs

We know how versatile LEGO bricks are. We know it can even made into wearables, like a cyborg arm, but what about a dress? Seemingly impossible, isn’t it? Actually not quite. Ashley Eckstein, the voice behind Star Wars Ahsoka Tano, unveiled one such LEGO dress back in July at the San Diego Comic-Con. The dress, […]

The World’s Biggest LEGO Batmobile Measures an Incredible 18 Feet Long

Something really, really big is heading to The Art of the Brick: DC Comics exhibition in Sydney, Australia and that ‘something’ is Nathan Sawaya’s interpretation of the world most famous caped crime fighter’s Batmobile as designed by Jim Lee during a Comic-Con International Panel at SDCC. It took the LEGO maestro three months, including planning, […]