Star Wars Ahsoka Tano LEGO Dress

We know how versatile LEGO bricks are. We know it can even made into wearables, like a cyborg arm, but what about a dress? Seemingly impossible, isn’t it? Actually not quite. Ashley Eckstein, the voice behind Star Wars Ahsoka Tano, unveiled one such LEGO dress back in July at the San Diego Comic-Con. The dress, billed as the first-ever LEGO couture gown, was a collaboration between Eckstein, fashion designer Andrew MacLaine and famed LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya and it was officially unveiled at Eckstein’s Her Universe runway event.

The dress is not entirely made out LEGO bricks, though – that would, as we imagined, too uncomfortable to be worn and due to the nature of how the bricks clicked together, it is a potential wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. MacLaine sewn 5,000 LEGO plates provided by Nathan onto the a black gown the fashion designer crafted. After which, it took Nathan another 5,000 LEGO bricks to create an image of Ahsoka Tano as part of the gown’s ‘print’. Given that it is laid out in LEGO bricks, the image looks pixelated, but that does not make it any less spectacular.

All told, 10,000 bricks were used to result in a dress that weighs in at a hefty 25 lbs (11 kilograms). I would imagine the dress is a little on the fragile side, but knowing Nathan’s works, he must have used adhesive to ensure each brick stays where it supposed to be.

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Star Wars Ahsoka Tano LEGO Dress

Image: Disney Style.

Additional image: Debshots Photography via