What We Have Missed: Day 225, Week 33 Year 2014

Self-Folding Robots Self-assembling Origami Robots Are What Nightmares Are Made Of
scientists have successfully developed a flat-pack robot made of papers and plastic, mounted with batteries and motors, that folds itself together and move. using “shape memory polymers” that contract like muscles when heated, it took a while for the robot to take shape and walk, but eery, nonetheless. LEARN MORE. [via]

LEGO Cyborg Hand Cyborg Arm Made Of LEGO Can Actually Be Worn And Controlled
this is the first robotic arm made of LEGO Technic parts that can be worn and controlled by the wearer. the based is LEGO Mindstorms EV3, it has four buttons to manipulate four motors, one for the control of each finger. pretty stunning, if you ask me and one that surely won’t induce nightmares. LEARN MORE. [via]

Wristbow WristBow Mk II Semi-automatic WristBow Mk II Is What Altaïr Needs
this is the second iteration of the wrist-worn crossbow, Mk II. what sets the second version apart from the first is it has an ammo clip that loads up to eight darts. it has to be manually loaded after each shot. it will be cool if it has auto-load mechanism in place, else Altaïr won’t even consider it. LEARN MORE. [via]

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IXION Windowless Private Jet Another Concept Jet Wants To Do Without Windows
probably not for the acrophobic or the claustrophobic, the IXION is a concept private jet that wants to go windowless. like, completely no windows, except for the pilots, of course. cameras on the outside projects outside view on the interior sides and ceiling, offering the illusion of a transparent fuselage. LEARN MORE.

POD K1 Knee Protector POD K1 Is A Knee Protector That Grows With Your Kids
the POD K1 is a medical grade knee brace that offers support to your kid’s knees and minimizing injuries in the event of an impact while riding. a unique design allows it to grow with your young ones – all you need is to add a piece as they grow older. designed for kids between 10 and 15 years of age. $311.39. BUY. [via]

Human Skin Furniture By Gigi Barker Human Skin Chair Feels And Smells Like Real Human Flesh. Yikes!
British designer, Gigi Barker has managed to replicate the feel of human flesh and incorporated them into her collection of chairs and footstools. additionally, the skin-like fabric is infused with smells like the aftershave for a more authentic feel. yikes. erhmm. we need one model after a lady, please. £2,380. BUY. [via]