If you haven’t already heard, NASA is revisiting the Moon. The U.S. space agency targets to do so by 2024 and this time, it is planning to stay. Yup. NASA is setting base on the Moon like for real. The program, called Artemis lunar exploration, will once again put American astronauts, this time the first woman along with the next man, on the lunar surface.

NASA Artemis Lunar Exploration 2024

NASA is looking at landing on the Moon’s South Pole by 2024 and establish sustainable missions by 2028. Here’s NASA’s plan:

“NASA’s proposed plan is to transport astronauts in a human landing system that includes a transfer element for the journey from the lunar Gateway to low-lunar orbit, a descent element to carry them to the surface, and an ascent element to return to them to the Gateway. The agency also is looking at refueling capabilities to make these systems reusable.”

Don’t get too excited over the Gateway. It is not a Stargate. Then again, it probably is the Stargate in real life with no teleportation capability. The Gateway will serve as a lab for space research and possibly, a base for deep space missions in future. I know. It sure sounds all too sci-fi-ish and it is, but it is also actually happening.

Below is a video to tell you how it is going to happen. You can also learn more about how the Moon mission will eventually lead to the Mars mission HERE.

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Images: NASA.

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