Life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R

It is no secret that I have always thought the new Honda Civic’s design leaves much to be desired. Despite that, I find myself ogling over this life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R created by LEGO Certified Professional, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught. The jagged edges somehow accentuated the overall appearance, making me forget it had a design that I love to hate.

Life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R

If you recall, McNaught was also the same person who built, among other things, the impressive life-size LEGO Toyota Camry for Toyota. The life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R was built to celebrate Channel Nine’s LEGO MASTERS TV show which McNaught was also one of the judge.

It took a team of nine, lead by McNaught, over 1,300 hours to build this 1:1 scale LEGO Honda Civic Type R that packs more than 320,000 LEGO bricks and weighs in as much as the actual vehicle at just over 1,300 kilograms (2,866 lbs).

Unfortunately, though, it is not drivable like some life-size LEGO automobiles because, even the wheels and tires are made out of LEGO elements. It does, however, have functioning lights, including brake, fog and headlights that are operated by an iPad.

The life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R will be making appearances across Australia over the coming months. Here, have a look at the details in the video below.

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Images courtesy of Honda Australia.