Life-size LEGO Civic Type R Somehow Looks Better Than The Real Thing

It is no secret that I have always thought the new Honda Civic’s design leaves much to be desired. Despite that, I find myself ogling over this life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R created by LEGO Certified Professional, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught. The jagged edges somehow accentuated the overall appearance, making me forget it had a […]

This Is How Lower Manhattan Looks Like In LEGO Bricks

Have you wonder how Lower Manhattan looks like in LEGO bricks? Well, wonder no more my friends because, Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught has created a stunning installation of The Big Apple in all-white LEGO bricks and boy, was it a sight to behold. The installation, Lower Manhattan in LEGO Bricks, was part of Brickman’s latest LEGO […]

Toyota Unveiled A Life-size 500,000 Bricks LEGO Camry

Here’s another real-life car that have gotten the LEGO treatment. If you haven’t already notice, that’s a Toyota Camry right there. But why Camry? We have no clue why Camry was chosen among the so many models the Japanese automaker has in its lineup. A promotion of this rather popular model in Australia, I supposed. […]

Mind Blown: Titanic’s Final Moment Recreated With LEGO Bricks

The sinking of the RMS Titanic was a disaster not to be celebrated, but when LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught aka The Brickman recreated the last moment of Titanic before it sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean in LEGO, it totally blew our mind. It took over 250 hours and around 120,000 […]