Since its rebranding, Curtiss Motorcycle Company has been pitching some really radical electric bike ideas. The latest we saw was the Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle and now, we heard, it has gotten a redesign ahead of its production in Spring 2020. Spoiler alert. It is still pretty damn radical.

Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle Redesigned

Personally, I see a shift from vintage flair to a more mechanical design. It feels a little steampunk-ish, if you will. The specs and performance, presumably remains the same as before, i.e. a 162 kW (217 horses) motor with 147 lb-ft (199 Nm), paired to 16.8 kWh battery. The design is less provocative, but shan’t detail further. You can see for yourself how from the images posted here.

However, I thought the most important aspect, aside from the design, was the price. According to electrek, the price has been slashed from the previous $75,000 to $60,000. And, as of now, you can put in your order with a $1,500 deposit. And if you do that before February 20, 2020, you be scoring yourself a $3,000 carbon fiber suspension upgrade – on the house.

Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle Redesigned

Curtiss Motorcycle Company also revealed that there will be two variants to choose from: a short wheelbase (62 inches) model with 27 degrees rake angle and a long wheelbase (64 inches) with 31 degrees rake angle. The latter also sits much lower than the former.

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Beyond those, Curtiss Motorcycle Company also offer an insight to the design, including the Curtiss Centered Power Axis design. The company also claimed that Hades is the “first completely symmetrical motorcycle, organically creating ultimate two-wheeled balance that is 100 percent perfect while providing the added benefit of reducing width by a full 45 percent.”

P.S. We believe the bike is now officially dubbed “Hades 1 Pure”.

Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle Redesigned

All images courtesy of Curtiss Motorcycle Company.

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