is it a street bike or is it a scooter? actually, the 2014 Honda Grom Motorcycle sits in the middle of the two, and therefore, it is kind of a bit of both. you can say it is a scooter, but it looks way mature than that but yet, it is a two-wheeler that anyone old enough to have a license can handle, well, at least that’s why Honda is telling everyone. powered by a 125cc fuel-injected 4-stroke engine mated to a four-speed chain drive transmission, the Grom features cute 12-inch 10 spoke wheels wrapped in fat tires and has hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power. other features include LED taillight, multifunctional digital instruments, combined projector-style headlamp, a 1.45-gallon (5.5-liter) fuel tank, single rear shock with steel box-section swingarm, a low 29.7 inches seat height for two so that you can plant your feet firmly on the ground instead of tip-toeing, and a pretty attractive, stylized bodywork rounds up the package. Honda is positioning it as a (small) fun ride that has “the excitement of a full-sized motorcycle” to offer. so as you might have imagined, the Grom ain’t built for speed. the key here is ‘fun’ and ‘independence’ from public transport and constant competition for your mum’s grocery car. available now in the US with a starting price of $2,999.

2014 Honda Grom Motorcycle

Honda Powersports via Autoblog

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