remember the super cool Hyundai Elantra Coupe-based Zombie Survival Machine from last year’s SDCC? well, fans of both Hyundai and Walkers are treated to another in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and this time round, it is the Veloster Turbo that’s being dressed up for the fight against the undead. dubbed the Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Machine, this year survivalist’s machine is faster, meaner and a whole lot deadlier. splashed in a Vitamin C textured paint (all dirtied up to look the part, naturally), this badass ride is equipped to the teeth starting with the mandatory drive-and-smash contraptions like horde plow front bumper, saw blade tooth-infused front grill, chainsaws-fitted front bumper, base blades at the doors, knife blades on rear bumper, and wheel blade weaponry to counter those undead lingering on the sides.

on the offensive end, it sure has a lot of fire power to deal with the horde (ammo is another issue, though), which includes a roof-mounted .50 cal heavy machine gun, a pair of assault rifles on the hood, door-mounted flame thrower and more machine guns. if all else fails, you can be sure that all fragile parts and possible point-of-entry are secured with a combo of wrought iron and chainlink fencing, along with panels of armor for some anti-penetration effect. in the event that you have to step out of your apocalypse machine (for a piss or something) and is unfortunate enough to run into the hordes begging to be smashed (and them, begging for your flesh), there are a couple of handy melee weapons, such as a spikes-mounted baseball bat and a samurai sword, for some last ditch survival attempt. hopefully, you won’t have to do that, but then again, you shouldn’t be stepping out without a firearm or two to begin with.

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yeah. we know. this is pure friction (or fantasy, depending on your fixation) and we won’t be actually needing such a ride, but still it is a blast to see it being dressed up as such. no? check out a few more look in the gallery below.

Galpin Auto Sports via Autoblog

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