keeping mozzies off can be a risky business. you know. it is either you get a super effective solution that will possibly harm your health, or risk catching mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue and the likes, if you fail to stop the nasty pest from taking 1,000,000th of a gallon of your blood. but that’s until now. the folks behind the Kite Mosquito Patch think they might have found the answer to this pesky problem which is prevalent in the third world countries, particularly in Africa. the magic behind this mosquito patch is unclear, or at least to the non-scientist us, but according to the Kite team, they had a breakthrough discovery in compounds capable of “disrupting mosquitoes’ carbon dioxide receptor neurons”, thereby effectively rendering the wearer of the patch invisible to the mosquitoes.

each of these mosquito patch is effective up to 48 hours and is totally safe for human use. the Kite team has taken this meaningful project to crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO, but with a very different mission. the main objective of this project is not so much for you and me to own a piece of the Kite Mosquito Patch (at least, not for now), but to help fund the production of the first batch of Kites to be deployed for testing in Malaria-plagued Uganda. with a pledge of $10, you will be realizing 5 Kite Patches for a family in Uganda, giving them up to 10 days of protection against mosquitoes. however, if you would love to get your hands on some Kite Patches, you will need to make a pledge of at least $35. of course, with that, a family in Uganda will also be receiving a set number of patches.

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for obvious reasons, these patches are currently available to those residing in the US. though if you are outside of the US, you still be eligible for non-Kite Patch rewards if you pledge for the lower levels. so interested folks, do take note. scroll down for a pitch video to learn more.

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