a titanium spork is the last thing you’d expect to be doing anything else other than feeding yourself, much less one that is totally open source so that you could further improved on it without being slapped with some legal suit. but here it is, the Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle aka S.H.O.V.E.L., a multifunctional spork (or foon, if you like) that performs like what a spork should (i.e. sip soup and dig into food), plus a few survivalist handy features such as a serrated knife edge, a bottle opener, and a six feet worth of red paracord wrapped around it. the fact that it is designed as a titanium piece not only gives it the aesthetic appeal but also for practical strength and durability. for tinkerers, innovators and idealists, the deal is made sweeter by the fact that this whole damn thing is open source, which means you and everyone else can chip in your own ideas on how to further improve its design, or like what some individualist like to say “make it your own.”

so if you are ready to set on your thinking cap, then go ahead and put down just $9.95 for the necessary files, and start tinkering your own ideal spork, or foon, or whatever. check out a video below for a humorous product introduction. hint: the fun starts from 1:29.

SparkFun via The Gear Caster

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