Switching on the light is an action no one will give a second thought, let alone fun. There’s hardly any interaction other than pressing a button or, in some instances, barking a command to tell Alexa to do so on your behalf. But not with Domino Switching Lamp by Glithero. This unique lamp makes the simple act of turning on a lamp, fun. Well, ‘fun’ if you get a kick out of laying out a train of dominoes and watching them fall. The key to turning on Domino Switching Lamp is copper domino. There are a bunch of them neatly stacked inside the lamp.

In order to turn on the light, you will have to complete the circuit by arranging the copper dominoes in whatever configuration you desire. The only rule is, the dominoes have to start from a fixed end, i.e. the ‘rocker’ domino, and ends at another fixed end on the other side of the lamp, known as the ‘receiver’ domino. When ready, just tip the ‘rocker’ domino to get the chain effect started. Once all the dominoes topple over, every copper domino will be in contact with one another and thus, completing a close circuit necessary for electricity to pass through to light up the Edison bulb at the top.

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Domino Switching Lamp by Glithero

Clearly, as far as practicality goes, this lamp is not it. However, the process serves as a reminder that there are more to it than mere flipping the switch. Like how physical properties of materials made this technology that we took for granted possible. Since you are responsible for completing the circuit to enable the lamp to light up, you’d also get the satisfaction and achievement of having a hand in completing the circuit while getting a kick out of toppling those dominoes.

Domino Switching Lamp by Glithero

Domino Switching Lamp by Glithero

Images: Glithero.

Source: Yanko Design.

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