To achieve the perfect brew, coffee is brewed at around 200 Fahrenheit and obviously, we can’t drink at that scorching temperature. So, what do we do? We wait. Then we forgot about it and it gets a little too cold for our liking. Drinking coffee is a simple enjoyment, but it has, for some reasons, escalated to become one of the many first world problems, but lucky for us, there’s The Jül Heated Smart Mug by Power Practical. Jül is smart drinkware. With a simple twist of the bottom, it lets you set your prefer temperature and it maintains it there.

The Jül Heated Smart Mug by Power Practical

If its too hot, just twist the clever lid to let the heat slowly escape and if its too cold? No worries, either. Just leave Jül on the included USB-powered coaster and it will bring the temperature up to speed. There’s no fancy display or app; instead an LED light lets you in on the temperature. Blue light indicates the drink is colder than your set temperature; amber light means it is way too hot for your liking and white light would be just the temperature you like.

The Jül Heated Smart Mug by Power Practical

There’s really nothing more to say about this vessel of wonder and I am not just saying it. I said that because it really is. And did we mention that Jül is totally battery-free? Yeah. It is and it is nice because you wouldn’t want to have another thing to charge, would you? You can learn more about Jül in the pitch video below, or if you desire, you can hit up Kickstarter to pick up one as a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in October 2017.

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Prices range from $45-59, depending on how you act on it and the option you choose (there’s a car-specific coaster and also, a perk that includes both). And yes, the campaign is funded (not surprising, really) and so, your pledge is a pre-order.

The Jül Heated Smart Mug by Power Practical

The Jül Heated Smart Mug by Power Practical

The Jül Heated Smart Mug by Power Practical

Images courtesy of Power Practical.

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