This is a unique statue born out of a collaboration between tattoo artist Jon-Paul Kaiser (JPK) and toymaker Mighty Jaxx. The Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK, as it is called, is designed and sculpted by Mighty Jaxx while JPK penned the tattoos found across her body.

Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK Statue
Medusa Ft JPK Polystone is illustrated here with the NFT version.

Not just any tattoo, mind you. The tattoos on the Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK served to retell Medusa’s story with key figures, such as the head of the Greek hero, Perseus aka her slayer, and Poseidon, along with artifacts and Greek-themed motifs.

The statue itself is crafted from premium polystone, featuring the mythical figure’s iconic head of snakes and her fabled alluring gaze that turned those who dare to look her in her eyes into stones.

Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK Statue

The Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK Statue will start shipping in March 2023. It is now available for pre-order from for US$149. Also available now is the NFT version going for $99 USDC.

Images: Mighty Jaxx.

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