The Art Of Picking: Van Gogh by Po Yun Wang Collectible Parody Figure

This collectible is not for those who take life too seriously. I can’t imagine any serious person would be amused by Mona Lisa or The Girl with a Pearl Earring picking the nose. Probably not. Having said that, it is likely he or she will not be amused by a vinyl figure of Vincent Van …

Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles Minions Series 01 – Vacay Edition

The world’s most adorable henchmen, the Minions, are on vacation with a dissected twist by Jason Freeny. The Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles Minions Series 01 – Vacay Edition, as it is called, is presented as 4” PVC ABS blind boxes. And they are goddamn adorable even with half of them dissected. No surprise, though. Minions will …

Jason Freeny’s Mr. Twisty Gets A New Haunted House-inspired Spooky Edition

Artist Jason Freeny, who is most notable for the dissected series of figures/sculptures, has given the classic balloon dog a twist with Mr. Twisty. In Jason’s magic hands, the iconic balloon dog is turned into a coin-operated kiddie ride sculpture, complete with a saddle and handle.

The Pain Of Separation Is Perfectly Expressed In The Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture By Matt Bailey (NSFW)

What you see here is the Breakout (Spectre Edition) Sculpture by Matt Bailey presented by Mighty Jaxx. The image of flesh and skeleton separating expresses the pain of separation between lovers due to death, or because of an end of a relationship.

If You Appreciate The Art Of Tattoos, You Will Love This Polystone Statue

This is a unique statue born out of a collaboration between tattoo artist Jon-Paul Kaiser (JPK) and toymaker Mighty Jaxx. The Inked Stories: Medusa Ft JPK, as it is called, is designed and sculpted by Mighty Jaxx while JPK penned the tattoos found across her body.

The Final Piece In The Transformers x QUICCS Series Is None Other Than Optimus Prime

Illustrator/toy designer QUICCS, who has turned Soundwave into a DJ, Megatron into a graffiti artist, and G1 Bumblebee into a hip hop/rap artist, has turned Optimus Prime into a boombox-toting rock-out Prime. The Transformers x QUICCS: Optimus Prime is the fourth and concluding piece in the Transformers x QUICCS series.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Food Fight Vinyl Figure By NDIKOL

Indonesian artist NDIKOL aka Adhika Rahmani is no stranger to taking a play at Banksy’s Flower Bomber sculpture. Previously, he has done it with Homer, Mario, Garfield, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Speaking TMNT “Pizza Bomber”, the black and white stencil-style Raphael is now joined by Michelangelo.