Another awesome artwork has made the jump from print to a vinyl collectible – courtesy of Mighty Jaxx. This time, it is Brasil-based Ilustrata’s illustration that has received the vinyl art toy treatment. Ilustrata is best known for its retro art style that mostly involves kaijus and food. You may not have heard of its name but you may have seen its creation like the retro-style art of “Godzilla” eating ramen and sushi “Godzilla”. The latter is the illustration of choice that has been turned into a vinyl collectible that you can proudly display on the shelf instead of wearing it as a print or hanging on a wall.

Sushizilla by Ilustrata Vinyl Collectible

The Sushizilla by Ilustrata vinyl collectible depicts a Godzilla-like kaiju with a body of sushi-meshi topped with a piece of raw salmon in addition to the usual fins. The sumeshi or shari Gojira emerges from among the ferocious Kanagawa sea waves, wreaking havoc on the unlucky ships in the way. The entire “delectable” disaster is played out within a Japanese-style bowl. Sushizilla is, of course, a portmanteau of the words ‘sushi’ and ‘Godzilla’. Obviously, it is NOT edible. It is a collectible toy.

The Sushizilla by Ilustrata Vinyl Collectible is 8 inches (20 cm) tall and it is supplied with “condiments” which is an exclusive Ilustrata sticker pack. Not sure if seaweed is part of the sticker pack, though. Anyhoo, if anyone’s interested, you may pre-order the Sushizilla by Ilustrata Vinyl Collectible is available as we speak for US$199 a pop, with delivery sometime starting in October 2023.

Sushizilla by Ilustrata Vinyl Collectible

Images: Mighty Jaxx.


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