Monopoly The Godfather Edition

Monopoly The Godfather Edition Board Game
Monopoly The Godfather Edition | US$39.99 |

when Monopoly starts turning out special editions, we knew The Godfather could be on the table soon. so here it is, much to our delight (we are huge fans of The Godfather films), the Monopoly The Godfather Edition lets you into the cut-throat business world of the Corleone family and work your way up to the top of the family business. this business takes you through familiar locales from The Godfather movie trilogy including Moe Green’s Casino, the Corleone Lake Tahoe Estate, Woltz Mansion and even the Genco Import Company. in the triad world there’s no Chance and no Community but just Friends and Enemies, and ‘gang members’ move through this world with pegs styled after icons of the movies that range from Tommy Gun, Dead Fish, Olive Can and Horse Head. earn your dough, make your fellow players (friends or foes) an offer they can’t refuse and rise through the rank. just make sure you don’t end up sleeping with the fishes. gun fights not included, it’s just business. the Monopoly The Godfather Edition can be yours to own for $39.99.

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