Basketball enthusiasts will know how is it like to train alone. You quickly lost count of your shots, however, if you’re open to technology like the ShotTracker, that would be a thing of the past. ShotTracker is as what its name implies; it is a basketball shot tracker and trainer. The system comprises of three parts, a weatherproof net sensor that attaches to the basketball net, a wrist sensor which you slide into the purpose designed wrist band or sleeve and a ShotTracker app. As opposed to some shot tracking devices that only detect the shot made, ShotTracker senses if the shot made is a hit or miss by comparing the your arm movement and net sensor status through the smartphone app. All these happens in real-time, which means your coach or whoever can keep track of your performance right there and then.

ShotTracker Basketball Shot Tracker/Trainer

Of course, you could also be review your data after each training yourself. On top of that, it can even identify errors in your game and recommend fix for them. But the biggest draw of this system is, you don’t need to be alone doing this. You can initiate a challenge, invite friends to play with you even when they are half way round the country – all the while, getting their score stacked up against yours on your smartphone. Pretty awesome, eh? Yeah. We think so too. Obviously, this is not an express train to a successful career, it will, however, let you have a better insight into your game as far as shots are concerned. If you adore this concept, you can grab the whole ShotTracker package for $149.99, which will include the net sensor, wrist sensor, wrist band, sleeve, as well as charging unit for recharging both the net and wrist sensor simultaneously.

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ShotTracker via Uncrate

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