if you are a habitual beer drinker dangerously straddling into the alcoholic status, then you might be interested in the Draft Beer Jelly Beans. these jelly has the goodness of the jelly beans you come to know since as a child, but has an enticing beer flavor that could potentially serves as the fix for your craving. however, do keep in mind that the company behind this latest jelly bean flavor, Jelly Belly, does not say that it will do so; it is just another fun flavor joining the likes of Champagne Bubbles, Buttered Popcorn, TABASCO (!) and more. it is not a fix for your desire for a cold one, but it will offer you the draft beer flavor, which is described as having a taste between Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bean and a Banana Jelly Bean, for parties where alcoholic beverages are non-existence – such as your kiddo’s birthday party.

speaking of kids, these Jelly Beans contains no alcohol and so it is perfectly safe for your kids too. on top of that, they are free of gluten, fat, peanut, dairy and totally vegetarian friendly, making these beans suitable for consumption by virtually anyone. in case you are wondering what was the particular beer flavor that Draft Beer Jelly Beans are flavored after; it is the Hefeweizen, Germany’s wheat beer. the Draft Beer Jelly Beans is available in 16 oz re-sealable bag and 10 lbs case for $8.99 and $85.99, respectively. btw, there are around 400 beans per pound, which means a 10 lbs would yield about 4,000 beans perfect for parties and events. beer mugs optional.

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Draft Beer Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly via Fast Co. Design

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