aluminum is the coolest, if not timeless, material that goes perfect with gadgets, but not without causing inherent signal loss when used with signal receiving devices like the iPhone. the original AL13 managed this by cutting down signal loss to 10%, but the folks behind it, Designed by m, think they could do better and so they did. introducing the AL13 v2, the zero signal loss aluminum bumper for iPhone 5 and 5s. like its predecessor, it is designed to maintain the sleek form of the iPhone while offering protection against daily knocks and bumps. on top of that, it now boast zero signal loss by cleverly avoiding direct contact with critical areas on the iPhone.

also incorporated is an anti-scuff rubber lining that ensures it will not scratch the phone when you put on or remove the case and this very same lining also aids in absorbing the shock of drops and bumps. finally, a snap closure (as opposed to the sliding closure) keeps things together in the event of an unfortunate fall. the AL13 v2 Zero Signal loss Aluminum Bumper for iPhone comes in a choice of eight hues, all in anodized finish, and is available through Kickstarter for just $45.

there is also a special limited edition in Kickstarter green going for 65 bucks. if you are up for individualism, you might want to give the latter, which is limited to just 300 units, a thought. click past the fold for a product pitch video.

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AL13 v2 Zero Signal Loss Aluminum Bumper for iPhone

AL13 v2 Zero Signal Loss Aluminum Bumper for iPhone

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