if one-piece, pocketable multi-tools were to be a mainstream collectible, then we can partly attribute it to Jeff Morin’s effort. Morin is a dude who has, from time and time again, introduced us to wonderful multi-tools like the Parachute, the Bottle Board and more recently, the Knuckler, and today, he has not one but two sweet multi-tools to offer. the first of two, the Mantis is an elongated piece featuring over 11 functionalities including two sizes of flat screwdriver, a nail puller, wire stripper of varied sizes, a 2-inch ruler, two sizes of saw blade (larger and fine teeth), mini pry bar, a scraper, hex wrenches in both metric and imperial sizes, a pair of obligatory keychain holes and last but not the least, the mandatory bottle opener for popping open a cold one anytime, anywhere.

the Cricket, on the other hand, is a super compact hexagonal shape multi-tool contraption packed with more than 7 functionalities including a scraper, an inch long ruler, a 1-inch saw blade, wire stripper, 9 sizes of hex wrenches (four metrics and five imperials), a keychain hole for attaching it to your keyring, and a bottle opener. both are crafted from stainless steel and offered in a choice of matte silver or matte black. the Mantis and Cricket Multi-Tools are available from Kickstarter for early bird prices of $19 and $16, respectively. the project has well surpass its funding goal and so, by backing the said amount, you are essentially pre-ordering the multi-tool(s) and can expect shipment sometime in April 2014. detailed functions of each tool available after the break.

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Mantis Multi-Tool

Cricket Multi-Tool

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