If there’s a Pinocchio figure, he ought to have at least an interchangeable nose to recreate the long nose when he lies. But if you have a brick-built Pinocchio figure, then you can dispense with the idea of an “interchangeable nose” and go with an actual growing nose.

LEGO Ideas Pinocchio with Growing Nose
It has a nose that grows at the push of a button! Credit: animated gif created by Mikeshouts based on dimexart’s images.

And a growing nose is exactly what LEGO Ideas member dimexart’s LEGO Ideas Pinocchio figure has. In addition to being a fully poseable figure with a moving head, arms, hands and fingers, and legs, dimexart’s Pinnochio has a nose that grows at the push of a button.

In this proposed 2,100-piece set, it has a hidden pushable button behind the neck to make the nose grow. But what kind of lies would dear old brick-built Pinocchio say that will make his nose grow longer? I don’t know. I guess you don’t need a reason to make this poor little guy’s nose grow longer.

LEGO Ideas Pinocchio with Growing Nose

As for the figure itself, it looks like dimexart’s proposed figure of the little wooden boy turn flesh-and-blood boy is based on the 1940s Disney cartoon, Pinocchio which, not going to lie, is very nostalgic.

dimexart’s LEGO Ideas Pinocchio with Growing Nose is not an official set yet but it will have a shot of being an official set if it gets 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas.

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So, if you like the idea of a brick-built Pinocchio with a growing nose, then be sure to drop your one precious support for this project.

Image: LEGO Ideas (dimexart).

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