A Wood Awakening Vinyl Art Collectible Figure by Juce Gace

Tired with all the standard issue collectible figures already? Yeah, me too. If you are into collectible figures, here’s one non-standard, tongue-in-cheek of Pinocchio, entitled A Wood Awakening, for you to consider. Designed by French graphic designer Julien Gallet, AKA Juce Gace, this Pinocchio here is an grown-up take of the iconic fairy tale character, but with one key, manly difference. He has no problem with nose that extends uncontrollably when he lies, btw. Grown ups lie all the time, anyways. He does, however, share the same desire as the fairy tale wooden puppet boy and that is to become human. But to this grown-up version, what defines him as one living, breathing person is when he awake one day to find himself having the morning wood, like every single male does.

And morning wood he did get and so rejoice, he is a man, after all. We love the description so much that we thought it will be crime not to share it here and so here it is, the entire description for your reading pleasure:

“Once upon a time, there lived a naughty, concupiscent puppet whose only dream was to be a human in real life. Being the mischievous marionette he was, he knew that the only way to have his wish granted was to do good deeds. “I want to be a real boy”, he muttered with his hands clasped tight as he went to bed every night. Then came one fine morning…

In his snug nightcap and colorful pyjamas, he climbed out of bed and slipped into his fluffy slippers. As he was doing his usual morning stretch in front of the bedroom mirror, he suddenly felt a weird bulge growing between his legs. To his WOOD surprise, he realized that his biggest fantasy was finally coming true. He grinned to himself and lived happily ever after, as a human boy.”

A Wood Awakening Vinyl Art Collectible Figure by Juce Gace stands 10 inches (25 cm) tall and while no description is offered on the articulation department, we are going to go out on a limp to assume it has some form of articulation, albeit rather limited. If you want one, you can put in your pre-order now, but some words of advice though: you will want to act on it quick cos’ only 200 units will be made available with each piece retailing for $149.

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Images: Juce Gace via Mighty Jaxx.