when it comes down to camping gear, hammock is not for everyone. like a tent, claustrophobia folks will ever feel at ease which is why the Treble Hammocks seem like an ideal proposal. breaking the tradition of hammock design, the Treble employs a three-point anchor design to give you a spacious, triangular real estate to rest on without making you feel so wrap up. made from 400 x 300 denier premium diamond rip-stop nylon-polyester blend and sewn onto a cargo webbing framework, the Treble Hammock provides ergonomic support and can easily holds up to 560 lbs (about 254 kilograms) as long as they are anchored securely and the anchor points are strong enough to deal with the intended weight.

it is a hammock, but it will do more than just an outdoor bed; it is also a recliner when secured at an angle and a clever, strategically placed slit in the hammock allows your legs to go through and use it as a chair. additionally, the cargo webbing, aka the support system, is adjustable which allows a varied of adjustments and even using it to divide the hammock into two bunks so that two people sharing the hammock. the hammock opens up to 10 x 10 x 10 feet and packs into a neat, compact package that weights under 6 lbs (2.7 kilograms), which makes it easy to lug along to your camping or hiking trips.

at this point the Treble Hammock is not a reality yet. if you like to see it become a product you can own, you can show your support by backing up its Kickstarter campaign. all you need is to make a pledge of $125 or more and it could be yours once the project hits the set funding goal.

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