if you really think about it, keys and wallet are two things which you won’t leave home without (or maybe your lovely smartphone too) but more often than not, they end up taking up a pocket space each. not something thrilling if you are a person who fancy taking the minimal route. the Liquid Wallet is designed specifically to bring these two essentials together, thereby eliminating the need to carry yet another item and doing so in minimal and uber stylish, or should be say, manly way. in fact, the Liquid Wallet is the first of its kind that offers to store your cards and cash, as well as doubling up as a key fold for holding your keys – all while maintaining a minimalist wallet form factor.

it has a ribbed non-roll elastic that see to the wallet part of the equation, while four removable and adjustable brass screws allows for attaching your keys. the latter can be fine-tuned to how tight or loose you want the keys to be, so they don’t come swiveling out when you don’t need them. the product itself is of hard anodized aluminum which gives it the strength and is totally resistant to scratch. being aluminum, it also helps to shield your cards and personal information from RFID scanning devices. the wallet only takes up to two keys if you want to keep to the minimal package. however, in the event that you have more keys or perhaps a remote or even a USB to bring along, it has a keyring attachment that will allow you to do so.

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the Liquid Wallet is up for pre-order on Kickstarter for a little under 50 Australian dollars. delivery is expected to commence in July 2014.

a huge thanks to Ann for dropping the hat tip!

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