as morbid as it may sound, the infamous severed head of studio head Jack Woltz‘s prized stallion was arguably one of the most memorable scenes in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. you remember that, don’t you? well, with the Severed Horse Head Pillow by Kropserkel you can now replay that gruesome classic scene with your family, friends or yourself without actually decapitating a real horse and having animal rights groups haunting you like Emily Rose’s ghost and/or facing the possibility of doing time. this horse head (this, not one in from the movie) is famous, alright and it has every right to be and one good reason is, it is morbidly cute. you know it is a horse head detached from a body somewhere and yet, it has a cute, plush factor to it so that you know it is not real (you do know that, don’t you?). however being cute doesn’t mean it is not realistic, well… not that kind of hyper-realistic, realistic, but it close enough.

it features a neck cross-section in red for that severed effect and the dead horse drama is further amplified by the fallen steed’s tongue, while crosses for eyes and non allergenic polyester fiber-stuffed plushy outlook gave it a comic effect. perfect blend of seriousness and comic relief, making it the ideal bed decor for your “frienemies” to wake up to. when you are done scaring their shit out, you can give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. now, you’d be sure Johnny’s going to get his part (but it is shitty he can’t, for the love of God, act but that’s besides the point). now, if only they have a dead fish wrapped in Luca Brasi‘s vest too… the Severed Horse Head Pillow by Kropserkel goes for $45 a pop, but be warned, this thing is pretty huge (33 inches from nose to neck and 19 inches tall). speaking of which, you might be able to keep the shipping package size down by going for the unstuffed version which goes for 35 bucks ea. your choice. at the end of the day, you will still have a prized stallion head anyway.

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Severed Horse Head Pillow

Kropserkel via Dude!!! I Want That

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