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Finally, There Is A Pillow Designed For Couch-loving Folks Who Wear Glasses

There is a joke about how not wearing glasses when sleeping will not allow those with myopia to see their dreams clearly. Obviously, there’s no truth to that. In any case, nobody in the right mind will have their glasses on when they hit the sack because, it is very uncomfortable and also, it runs the risk of damaging the glasses. However, there are exceptions. Like, for examples, you have the not-so-good habit of laying on your side when using the phone, tablet or watching TV. In those instances, glasses is a hindrance, but not if you are resting on The LaySee Pillow. Continue reading Finally, There Is A Pillow Designed For Couch-loving Folks Who Wear Glasses

Severed Horse Head Pillow

as morbid as it may sound, the infamous severed head of studio head Jack Woltz‘s prized stallion was arguably one of the most memorable scenes in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. you remember that, don’t you? well, with the Severed Horse Head Pillow by Kropserkel you can now replay that gruesome classic scene with your family, friends or yourself without actually decapitating a real horse and having animal rights groups haunting you like Emily Rose’s ghost and/or facing the possibility of doing time. this horse head (this, not one in from the movie) is famous, alright and it has every right to be and one good reason is, it is morbidly cute. you know it is a horse head detached from a body somewhere and yet, it has a cute, plush factor to it so that you know it is not real (you do know that, don’t you?). however being cute doesn’t mean it is not realistic, well… not that kind of hyper-realistic, realistic, but it close enough. Continue reading Severed Horse Head Pillow