6 Crowd Pleasing Christmas Presents

There are times in life when, for one reason or another, you might need to buy a Christmas present for somebody that you do not know that well. It could be an in-law, a new work colleague or even a brand-new love interest. On these occasions, it may be necessary to pick a gift option […]

Realistic Gorilla With Stretch Arm Pillow Will Cosy You To Sleep. Maybe?

I don’t see any merit in sleeping with cockroach cushion. Granted, it may help to ward off any potential intruder while you are in la la land, but an imposing, realistic print gorilla like the Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow will do the same too, less the, you know, creepiness.

You Can Turn Yourself Into Evangelion Unit-01 With This Shoulder Cushion

You may not feel it if you are outside of Japan, but the Evangelion ‘fever’ has never stopped. The number of merchandises being turn out is a testimony of the on-going popularity of this pop culture giant mecha. The cushion, AKA throw pillow, you see here is the latest to join the growing Evangelion merchandises. […]

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Stops Snoring And Brews You Coffee Too

Just how smart can a pillow gets? Or rather, can a pillow ever be smart to begin with? Well, apparently, it can get really, really smart. Smart beyond the usual sleep monitoring, snore-stopping; it can even turn on lights and makes you coffee the moment you wake up. Believe it or not, those (and more) […]

Wiping This Sequin Pillow Will Reveal Nicolas Cage Because, It’s Cool?

Nicolas Cage has been the target of memes for like, forever. I am sure he is already used to it. But here’s a physical meme (of sort) which, if you are a fan, you would love to own. It is a Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Pillow from Etsy seller Memeskins. As the product name implies, […]

Finally, There Is A Pillow Designed For Couch-loving Folks Who Wear Glasses

There is a joke about how not wearing glasses when sleeping will not allow those with myopia to see their dreams clearly. Obviously, there’s no truth to that. In any case, nobody in the right mind will have their glasses on when they hit the sack because, it is very uncomfortable and also, it runs […]

Severed Horse Head Pillow

as morbid as it may sound, the infamous severed head of studio head Jack Woltz‘s prized stallion was arguably one of the most memorable scenes in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. you remember that, don’t you? well, with the Severed Horse Head Pillow by Kropserkel you can now replay that gruesome classic scene with…