You may not feel it if you are outside of Japan, but the Evangelion ‘fever’ has never stopped. The number of merchandises being turn out is a testimony of the on-going popularity of this pop culture giant mecha. The cushion, AKA throw pillow, you see here is the latest to join the growing Evangelion merchandises. The cushion’s odd form is inspired the shoulder section of the EVA Unit-01 and it is, obviously, cushy and totally huggable unlike the actual shoulder of EVA-01.

Evangelion Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion

The throw pillow measures around 43 cm wide, 48 cm tall and 15 cm thick (17 x 19 x 6 inches) and features the recognizable colors of EVA-01, along with an odd cut out that allows you to wear it on your shoulders. The cutout is not just for the fun of ‘wearing’ a part of EVA-01, but it appears to be a comfy feature when lying on it on your side.

Evangelion Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion

The Evangelion Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion is set to be available starting September 1, 2018, priced at 5,184 yen (around US$47), via the franchise’s official online store Evangelion Store, as well as brick and mortar store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Evangelion Store Tokyo-01.

Evangelion Unit-01 Shoulder Cushion

The shoulder cushion isn’t alone; there is also another cushion inspired by the anime’s iconic “EMERGENCY” mark. It comes as a hexagon shape, in red, and complete with the word “EMERGENCY” on it. As you can see in the product images that this is not the pillow for your delicate head, but it will serve well as a seat. It is about the same size as the shoulder cushion, though, and it will also goes on sale on September 1, 2018 for a tad cheaper 4,500 yen (about US$41).

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Evangelion Emergency Cushion

Evangelion Emergency Cushion

Images: Evangelion Store.

Source: crunchyroll.

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