UNKL-Master Wall Frame

UNKL-Master Wall Frame
UNKL-Master Wall Frame | Rp200,000 | www.unkl347.com

remember View-Master? i guess most of us do. depending which era you have been exposed to this clever stereo images viewing contraption, your memory of it might differ. regardless, mostly will be fond memories – unless you were in the military and were using it to identify aircrafts and ships or for range estimation, which doesn’t sound like much fond memories to us. anyhow, for those who grew up in the 80s, it (the View-Master) was best remembered for picturesque scenes and landscape scenery, animated characters and fairy tales. though still in production today, the View-Master is now often associated with retro flair, which makes it a novelty in a way. as grown ups, we the View-Master may not appeal to us any more, unless its for novel wedding invites but still, we cherish it like how we would for all things retro. speaking of which, you can have a piece of this View-Master memories on your wall by snagging the UNKL-Master Wall Frame aka picture frame. conceived by Indonesia-based UNKL347 (aka Us & Kind of Life), this unique picture frame mimics the original View-Master image disk, complete a faux branding and prints, and holds up to 14 of your precious photographs. at a glance, it looks exactly like the original, only much, much bigger – which is where the novelty lies. interesting concept and personally, i would love to have one for nostalgic sake. the UNKL-Master Wall Frame goes for 200,000 Indonesia Rupiah (or IDR) each or about US$21. larger views after the break.

UNKL347 via Gizmodo

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