custom Viewmaster wedding invites cost $2,800

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(credit: Jen Huang/Mélangerie Inc.) Viewmaster Invitation, Qty 50 | from US$2,800.00 |

we love all things novel and cool, and that’s perhaps why this Viewmaster Invitation caught our eyes. created by New York-based design consultancy, Mélangerie Inc., the invites use a nostalgic Viewmaster with custom picture reel to put forward your big day invites to family and friends. all you are required to do is provide Mélangerie Inc. with seven high-res images (and details, plus payment) for them to compile into a picture reel. of course, the images will include a brief text on them to announce your invitation.
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along with each white mailing box that contain the Viewmaster, is an accompanying insert card that provides additional information of your big day. i gotta admit i am drawn to the idea but unfortunately, i am already past that stage. for those who hasn’t, here’s your chance to make your wedding a memorable one by kicking start with an unique and novel wedding invites. if this won’t impress anyone, i don’t know what else will. the whole concoction takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete and ship to you unassembled, and from that point on, it’s your duty to put the materials together, ready to be sent to your invitees. Mélangerie Inc. has a tiered pricing, starting with 50 invites for $2,800 and runs up to $5,400 for 200 invites.

Mélangerie Inc. currently has a listing on Etsy for 100 Viewmaster invites with a price tag of $3,450. looking at just the prices alone, they are no doubt pricey and that’s not including the postage fees you are going to incur for mailing heavier invites but i suppose the novelty factor is priceless. oh, if red isn’t your cup of Earl Grey, Mélangerie Inc. has option for blue, black or white Viewmasters too.

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